Showing the path

is what motivates us.

How do we work?

Domani International Consultancy has been in the capital of Brazil for 24 years, conducting international consulting projects in Foreign Trade. We provide all the bureaucratic, logistical and financial knowledge about export or import procedures. We also look forward to providing security and autonomy for those who wish to enter the international market. We are a Junior Enterprise of International Relations at the University of Brasília and we wish to make Brazil a more entrepreneurial country. Thus, Domani – assisted by professors specialized in Foreign Trade – has more than 20 skilled consultants trained to deal with the most diverse products and destinations.

We are Domani. We are tomorrow.

Our Features

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Customized service

We deliver the best solutions for you with a scope tailored to your needs. We believe in generating value through partnership with our clients and the project we are executing.

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Specialized team

More than 20 consultants trained to develop solutions according to the needs of those who work or aspire to work in foreign trade. We select the best options for our customers and optimize internationalization processes.

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We are a

Junior Enterprise

We are a non-profit company driven by the desire to transform the Brazilian business scenario with high-quality services. We want to have a positive impact in Brazil while we are training and representing the country's new entrepreneurial streak.

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Direct investment in Education

Your investment in Domani is an investment in education. Because we are a Junior Enterprise, our work is voluntary and all of the funding made by our customers and partners is converted into the training of members and the maintenance of Domani.

Our journey with you

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First contact

As soon as we receive your request, one of our consultants will contact you to learn more about your product and schedule a diagnostic meeting.

Diagnostic Meeting

With this conversation we can understand your challenge and define which of our solutions will help you make your dream come true. This step is extremely important for the alignment between you and Domani.

Presentation of our service proposal

We put together a proposal based on the information collected in the diagnosis and present values and forms of investment. We aim to customize the proposal in line with what you need.

Closing of the contract

This is the moment to formalize all the terms discussed so far. All details of what will be delivered and when it will be delivered will be signed by both parties.

Handing of  the pre-project

The first content to be handed by the allocated team of consultants is a brief background report on your product and its specificities in foreign trade.

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