Our story

Domani Consultoria Internacional has been impacting the market in which it operates for 24 years. Our story began in 1995, when Marielle and Christiane, students of International Relations at the University of Brasilia (UnB), felt insecure about their professional future after graduation and looked for other areas besides diplomacy.

With a letter of recommendation from a professor, both traveled to São Paulo to probe the market for professional opportunities and got to know the Junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ), imported from Europe and formed in Brazil by organizations managed by university students. The undergraduate students returned to Brasília with the intention of founding a Junior Enterprise (EJ) based on the knowledge acquired in order to offer a business experience to the students of REL at UnB. Thus, REL Júnior was founded - the corporate name of Domani Consultoria Internacional, the first EJ of International Relations in Brazil and the pioneer in the Federal District (DF).

We are Domani. We are Tomorrow.

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We want to be the fuel for internationalization of companies, contributing to a more entrepreneurial Brazil.



After experimenting different services and based on the desire to define our scope, we decided to dare and build a new portfolio of services specialized in Foreign Trade. Thus, we started to have a clear direction focused on solutions for Brazilian entrepreneurs interested in entering the international market. Along with this change, we have built a well-structured organization chart and well-defined internal processes.


State of War

In 2016, we aimed to attract more customers in order to train new members and highlight our services. Therefore, the idea was to create and implement the State of War, a mechanism that aimed to generate several simultaneous results. In Stae of War, the entire company was mobilized for the front-office and we were divided into three groups: Infantry, Artillery and Diplomacy. As in a logic of war, each group had its main role in fighting a single enemy: the challenging outcome. After having created the State of War, Domani evolved its business maturity and leadership formation process, as well as its results. The State of War strategy has become a benchmark and is widely used in much of the MEJ nationwide.



2019 was one of the best years experienced by Domani: we managed to overcome challenges and to achieve all our goals, and were recognized on the stage of the Concentro Awards, at Concentra - regional event in Federal District - and at the National Meeting of Junior Enterprises (ENEJ), which took place in the southern turistic town of Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul. Other highlights of 2019 were customer loyalty and the creation of a new service - the Commercial Study - that also includes customization and innovation to meet the needs of a customer.


Building Tomorrow

This story was only possible for two reasons: because clients who had the dream of entering the foreign market trusted Domani to be the lighthouse of internationalization for their companies and because we always recognized our potential to impact Brazil and make it a more entrepreneur country. It is for these two reasons that we choose daily to leave the comfort zone and do our best, because for those who have Domani at heart, each new step we take is a greater challenge that we face with bright eyes and a desire for change.