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Arapoti Project

Complete Planning for Roses Import


"We came up with the idea of importing roses and Domani was the one who helped with the information needed to open our company and continue with imports, and from the beginning, they helped us with the contacts we needed to import. Even after the project was finished, they continued to help and support us. It was a very complete and very satisfactory consultancy (...). I highly recommend it! "


Jose Carlos Vasconez, our client in Arapoti Project

The Clients

Jose and Juan are Ecuadorian brothers who came to us with the desire to import roses from their native country to Brazil. Entrepreneurs envisioned opening a business in Brazil related to the sale of this flower, but they still did not know what the procedure for importing roses was.

The brothers, who had never carried out a similar project before, had doubts about what documents were needed, how the transport should be done and what the costs of the process were.

The Project

Thinking about the needs of our customers, Domani chose to carry out a Complete Planning, which aimed to assist in the bureaucratic, logistical and financial issues that involved the process of importing roses from Ecuador to Brazil.

As the brothers did not have much experience with Foreign Trade, the team explained all the stages of the project in a simple and didactic way, aiming at the total qualification of our customers during the journey.




In the first stage of the project, the economic context of the flower and ornamental plants market in Brazil was described in order to promote knowledge for our customers about the potential of this sector in the country. In addition, we conducted a research into the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) of the product.


Logistic Planning

During Logistic Planning, Domani showed how the product should be transported, sought carriers, assessed freight and insurance costs and analyzed how Ecuadorian roses should be stored, aiming at the arrival of the product in Brazil without any damage that could lead to losses.


Bureaucratic Planning

In the bureaucratic stage of planning, the consultants presented the necessary documents and how to issue them, both for import and for the process of opening a company, since the brothers did not yet have one. In addition, the entire step by step approach to SISCOMEX and customs clearance and clearance was covered.


Financial Planning

In Financial Planning, all the costs of the process were mapped, the taxes and other applicable fees were summarized together with the quotes of several carriers and insurers that the team contacted. At the end of the process, Domani delivered three possible price scenarios depending on customers' final choices, which allowed them to analyze holistically which decision would be most advantageous.



At the conclusion, the import flowchart was carried out in order to compile all the research carried out and present the customers step by step. Thus, Domani was able to explain all the points that the import process required.


Sometime after the delivery and explanation of the project, the team called the brothers to get updates on the process and received the incredible news that two imports of roses had already been made to Brazil.

When the information was shared with the entire company at our General Meeting, everyone was thrilled with another impact generated by Domani.




Tuane Barbosa



Celso Coelho

Ingrid Oliveira

Lucas Soares

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Work Time

80 hours


Jose's testimony on Arapoti Project (in portuguese)

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