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Narciso Project

Commercial Promotion, Logistic and Financial Planning for nose correctors import.

The Product

The client contacted Domani to find out the feasibility of importing internal nasal correctors.

The client did not have a National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), so this import would have to be performed as an Individual.

The Project

The Narciso project consisted of analyzing the feasibility of importing internal nasal correctors. Thus, a complete study of the Brazilian market for this product was carried out, in order to discover how advantageous and profitable the import and resale enterprise would be.




In the first stage of the project, a first alignment meeting was held with the allocated team so they could collect some essential information for the start of execution. At this stage, a general research into the international nose correctors market was carried out, as well as a research of the Mercosul Common Nomenclature (NCM).


Commercial Study

In this stage, a field survey was conducted on Direct Consumers and a digital survey on Indirect Consumers in order to analyze which audience was most likely to purchase the product. In addition, the team searched for suppliers to produce the internal nasal corrector and presented the best ways to perform the import considering the operational and administrative procedures. Domani also studied the profile and size of the consumer market for the product, as well as competitors that market similar items.


Logistic Planning

Logistics Planning included a research on how many parts could be imported and how they should be transported to Brazil. In this way, transport modes were analyzed and the team indicated which one best suited the needs of the client and the product. In addition, Domani contacted logistics companies and carriers to deliver all necessary information.


Financial Planning

During Financial Planning, our consultants carried out studies on import costs, payment methods and return on investment. Thus, all fees charged in the process were analyzed. In addition, Domani indicated the transport companies for the import that would be the most cost effective for the client and explained the entire step by step that should be followed.



Finally, three different conclusions were delivered to the client: a complete and explanatory Final Report with information from all phases of the project, an Executive Report that presented the main information in a visual, dynamic and understandable way.  We also presented a flowchart illustrating the step by step of the product internationalization process.


After the project was delivered, the client carried out the import process and started marketing internal nasal brokers on social networks. Because it is an unusual product, it was a project that brought enormous training to Domani and the consultants involved.



Ana Maria Cypriano

Gabriel Recalde




Elisa Paiva

Helena Galvani

Lorena Merces

Rômulo Alves

horas trabalhadas.png

Work Time

441 hours

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