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Vairochana Project

Market Study and Commercial Promotion for corn export.


"The partnership with Domani was fundamental in the acquisition of expertise and tools for the internationalization of our business. We had months of intense communication and productivity. Internationalizing was an old dream, with the help of Domani we realized that it is a realizable dream."


Angélica Loureiro, Client of the Vairochana Project

The Product

The client contacted Domani in order to find out which country was the most suitable to start exporting its corn production. In addition, the client was looking for possible buyers and ways to promote the product in that country.

The Project

The Vairochana Project, entitled as “the one who carries the sun”, was a project aimed at inserting corn in the international market. For this, Domani has developed a customized Market Study and Commercial Promotion in order to meet our customer's specifications and pains.




In the first stage of the project, a first alignment meeting was held with the team allocated to collect some essential information for the start of execution. At this stage, a general survey of the international corn market was also carried out, as well as a survey of the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM).


Commercial Study

In this stage, an in-depth analysis of several countries was carried out, seeking to provide more security in relation to the internationalization process through an assertive orientation about the country most suitable to start exporting. This stage consists of two parts: macroeconomic analysis and microeconomic analysis in order to choose the best country to export the product, considering political, social, cultural and economic aspects.


Logistic Planning

At this stage, Domani sought ways in which the client could promote its product in the country chosen in the Market Study, making corn more competitive internationally. Prospecting for potential buyers and the identification of certifications and quality seals that can add value to your product were carried out. In addition, international fairs and events were listed for the promotion of the product.


Finally, two different conclusions were delivered to the client: a complete and explanatory Final Report with information from all phases of the project and an E-book that presented in a summarized and illustrative way the main information in a visual, dynamic and quick to understand manner. .



The Vairochana Project is considered a successful case for Domani as it provided training for our members, in addition to ensuring a quality delivery that exceeded our client's expectations.

The experience was extremely empowering for both the client and the consultants. In particular, the project team had the opportunity to deeply analyze what price formation is like in the commodities market. It was the first time that Domani had the opportunity to carry out this type of study.




Gabriela Barbarioli Siqueira



Ana Beatriz Zanuni

Camila Araújo

Christian Shaw

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Work Time

300 hours

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