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Atlas Project

Commercial Promotion applied to Clothing Export


"I wanted to thank you for the work done, our company was very well attended by the team. Your service helped me find new directions within the country of dentin, gave me a good boost, gave me a north and brought me the research. And that was it what I wanted."

Image by Keagan Henman

Felipe Antônio , Client of the Atlas Project

The Product

The client sought out Domani with the aim of discovering the best ways to promote its products in the country of destination of interest. In addition, it aimed to find promising customers to start the export process for their brands.


The Project

The Atlas Project was named after the Greek mythology titan responsible for carrying the skies and who, therefore, has vast knowledge about cartography and global territories, thus, the name of the project refers to globalization. In order to cover the topics of interest to the client, Atlas constituted a personalized Commercial Promotion containing a prospecting of potential importers in the country of destination.




The Pre-Project aimed to build an overview of the international clothing market and the context for importing the product into the destination country. In addition, a search for the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) was also carried out. This first stage of the project was concluded with a first alignment meeting between the allocated team and the client for the collection of essential information for the beginning of the execution.


Commercial Promotion

At this stage, the team deepened its research regarding the final market, being able to point out the main factors to be taken into account for the export of clothing. Thus, covering the competitive situation, consumer demands and the profile of the local negotiator, in addition to presenting stamps and certificates that can add value to products and fairs and events that pose themselves as an alternative option to carry out the promotion of goods. Finally, Domani carried out a prospecting for potential buyers in the destination country and delivered all the promising contacts to the customer.



The last step of the Atlas Project consisted of the delivery of the Final Report. This conclusion presents all the information developed throughout the project in a complete and explanatory way, aiming to point out the most important factors and present the content in a concise way, seeking to provide the customer with an option of practical and quick access to the data gathered by Domani.


The Atlas Project met the expectations and met the needs of our client by making a complete and quality delivery, while providing an opportunity for learning and training for the team that participated in the execution of the project. Therefore, Atlas is considered another successful case for Domani.




Victor Rondon



Bruna Mendonça

Louise Alencar

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Work Time

280 hours

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