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Oxum Project

Commercial Study applied to Jewelry Exports


"Working with Domani exceeded my expectations, the team was super attentive and dedicated, bringing an even more complex report than I expected."

Image by Kenny Luo

Eduardo Dib , Client of the Oxum Project

The Product

The client sought Domani with the objective of obtaining assistance in making decisions about the insertion of gold jewelry in international markets and, therefore, the best ways to promote its product in the selected countries and gain competitiveness in the market.

The Project

The Oxum Project, inspired by the Yoruba culture, was named as the goddess of the Oxum River, linked to the spiritual and material riches of life. The project was intended for the insertion of jewelry in the international market. Thus, it consisted of a Commercial Study for the economic analysis of the countries of interest and the search for the best way to promote the product in the selected countries, as well as the prospecting of possible importers.




In the Pre-Project stage, an alignment meeting was held for the presentation of the allocated team and for the collection of essential information for the beginning of the project execution. At this stage, an analysis was also carried out on the context of the international jewelry market, both globally and for each of the countries of interest to the client, and, finally, a consultation survey was carried out to confirm the Mercosur Common Nomenclature ( NCM).


Commercial Study

In this stage, a macroeconomic analysis of 4 selected countries was carried out, which made it possible to rank and select 3 markets, which had their commercial factors studied more deeply in a microeconomic analysis. In this second part of the project, prospecting for possible buyers was carried out, in addition to the indication of the competitive scenario and how the promotion is carried out from the client's website, and the prices practiced in the markets, considering the variation in the values of jewelry without and with precious stones. Along with this, cultural and consumption factors from each of the 3 countries studied were analyzed, as well as fairs and events that make it possible to promote the product.


The project conclusion report aims to present all the information covered by the other steps in an explanatory and summarized way, pointing out the most relevant content of the project in a punctual and dynamic way, so that the client has access to this key information in a more practical and fast.



The Oxum Project is considered a case of success for Domani since it exceeded the expectations of our client by making a complete delivery, enabling and with several customizations, aiming at the success of the international insertion of the product. Along with this, it provided a qualification experience for the consultants , who had the opportunity to carry out the original commercial study, when turned to a new product at Domani.

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Mayrla Moraes



Maria Mariana Xavier
Rachel Dib

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Work Time

168 hours

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