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Apollon Project

Commercial Promotion and Bureaucratic Feasibility applied for Exporting a Website


"The Domani team helped us a lot in understanding and mapping the international market. The team that served us was a young team, with a great desire to learn. During the execution they asked for constant feedbacks and made all the necessary adaptations to better serve us. extremely punctual with the combined deliveries and also assertive in their guidelines. I recommend their internationalization support services and I would definitely do other projects with them. "

astrologia Mapa

Leandro Augusto Kitamura , Client of the Apollon Project

The Product

The client contacted Domani in order to find out which country was the most suitable to start exporting its corn production. In addition, the client was looking for possible buyers and ways to promote the product in that country.

The Project

The Vairochana Project, entitled as “the one who carries the sun”, was a project aimed at inserting corn in the international market. For this, Domani has developed a customized Market Study and Commercial Promotion in order to meet our customer's specifications and pains.




In the first stage of the project, an alignment meeting was held with the team allocated to collect essential information for the start of execution. In the Pre-Project there was also a survey on the context of online services and the reception of astrology in the destination country, as well as a consultation survey of the Brazilian Nomenclature of Services (NBS).


Commercial Promotion

This step aimed to find the best way to insert the site in the market of interest, making its service more competitive. In this way, relevant information about e-commerce was collected, surveys and personalized analyzes were made about local competition, about the negotiation culture, and the demands, trends and profile of consumers of astrology sites in the country.


Bureaucratic Feasibility

Bureaucratic Feasibility consisted of identifying and analyzing the bureaucratic processes of exporting the site, such as documentation, laws and tariff barriers, in addition to pointing out possible financial aid and incentives and the preparation of a Siscoserv Registration Guide. A relevant part of the Apollon Project was also the deepening of the Data Protection Law, aiming to indicate the way for the customer's service to be in compliance with the parameters of the importing country.


Finally, the final report of the Apollon Project presents in a synthetic way all the content collected and exposed throughout the previous steps, so that the most important information about the export process is easily accessible to the customer,



The Apollon Project represented a period of intense training for the team and represents a milestone in the history of Domani, being the first project aimed at exporting the company's services, with a completely personalized and innovative project scope. For these reasons, in addition to having resulted in a complete and quality delivery and in the satisfaction of our customer, the Apollon Project is considered yet another successful case of Domani.

We are a family owned and operated business.




Débora de Paula



Bruno Vinícius

Maria Mariana Xavier

Nilson Azevedo

horas trabalhadas.png

Work Time

480 hours

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