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Iaçã Project

Commercial Promotion and Complete Planning applied to Acai Berry Export


"Domani's work for the development of the project was essential. Both to structure the export process and to monitor the initial stages, they showed professionalism and patience. They were always willing to meet again to clarify any doubts and present the project's evolution. I have no doubts about the potential of the professionals who work at Domani. Nor about the potential of the company that the Iaçã Project made happen: Organic Flavor, which today has a varied portfolio of organic products for export and the domestic market."


Palti de Oliveira Massa , Client of the Iaçã Project

The Product

In this project, the product analyzed was the açaí of a small business owner from Pará, who wanted to internationalize by making a distribution through a network of supermarkets and hotels abroad.

The Project

The client contacted Domani to carry out acai export planning. The project was composed of a Commercial Promotion and a Complete Planning: Bureaucratic, Logistic and Financial.

This project consisted of two parts since it had to be paused by the lack of information needed for product labeling requirements.




In the first stage of the project, a first alignment meeting was held with the team allocated to collect some essential information for the start of execution. At this stage, a general survey of the international açaí market was also carried out, as well as a survey of the Mercosul Common Nomenclature (NCM).


Commercial Promotion

This stage consisted of prospecting potential buyers at the destinations chosen for export. In addition, a survey was carried out of factors that enhance the insertion of the product in the selected market, such as packaging and labeling issues, fairs and events that are close to the desired market.


Logistics Planning

Logistic Planning presented the best way to transport the goods to the final destination and also gave all the knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of each transport mode and distribution channels. The team estimated the insurance and freight applied to all segments that are part of the trade and indicated the best ports. Furthermore, the consultants pointed out the Incoterm (International Trade Term) that would best serve our client and passed on all knowledge about customs clearance.


Bureaucratic Planning

In Bureaucratic Planning, Domani mapped all the documentation and how to issue it, in addition to understanding and identifying possible trade barriers about the product. Thus, this stage contained certificates, licenses and declarations that attest to the customer's ability and viability to market their product internationally. Moreover, the consultants made a survey contacting all institutions that directly or indirectly interfere in the export process.


Financial Planning

In the financial analysis, all expenses of the logistical and bureaucratic phases were mapped, creating an estimate of the total cost of exports with the included taxes, in addition to findind some possible financing funds. Payment methods for the transaction between the exporter and the importer were also analyzed, so that Domani indicated the safest and recommended one for the customer's case.



The last part of Iaçã Project was very visual and aimed at compiling the complete final report and delivering an E-book capable of summarizing information on the implementation of the export process. Furthermore, the project included the development of a tool that aimed to centralize all the information necessary for an efficient and controlled export to guide and optimize the internationalization challenge of acai.


This was the first impact project of Domani Consultoria, a recognition given by the Junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ) that recognizes projects that have a positive impact on the environment and on the client. In this case, the project impacted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 8 and 11, referring to sustainable energy, decent work and economic growth and sustainable cities and communities, respectively. Also, the Net Promoter Score (NPS: score from 0 to 10 given by the customer as to the degree of satisfaction) was collected and Domani received its first NPS promoter.


As for innovations, the team carried out a new method of delivery in a more visual, interactive, and didactic way by making use of new tools to provide the best possible experience for the customer. Among the new tools, Domani Consultoria delivered a Cost Calculator, whose objective is to enable the measurement of all expenses and what will be the possible profit from the export process. Since then, the Calculator has been present in all Financial Planning deliveries.


Commercial Promotion



Maria Clara Mendes

Victor Hugo Firmino



Clarissa Dias

Maíra Oliveira

horas trabalhadas.png

Complete Planning



Christian Shaw



Lucas Romero

Worked hours

264 hours

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