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Mnimosýni II Project

Commercial Promotion and Complete Planning for

coffee export

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"The partnership with Domani was essential for my company to acquire knowledge and prepare to operate in the international market. We managed to advance several years in months."


Francisco Wander, owner of il Caffè Ricordi

The Company

Il Caffè Ricordi is a small production, industrialization and trade company of specialty coffees in the south of Minas Gerais, whose purpose was to export its specialty coffees to four specific destinations.

The company uses grains planted on its own farms, located in Boa Esperança and Ilicínea. The grains used go through a rigorous selection and classification process, with the ultimate goal of offering a unique experience to their customers.

The Project

The aim of the Mnimosýni II project was to carry out a study to promote, as well as to present a complete plan for the internationalization of coffee in four destinations chosen by il Caffè Ricordi.

The project involved the delivery of a complete guide with the necessary procedures to carry out the export of coffee, a prospecting list of potential importers in the countries indicated and the survey of factors that enhance the product's insertion in the market, such as stamps and certificates, fairs and sales and commercial intelligence events and methodologies.



In the first stage of the project, a first alignment meeting was held with the allocated team so they could collect some essential information to start the execution. At this stage, a general survey of the international coffee market was also carried out, as well as a survey of the Common Mercosur Nomenclature (NCM) of the products.



Commercial Promotion

This stage consisted of prospecting potential buyers at the destinations chosen for export. In addition, a survey was carried out taking in consideration factors that enhance the insertion of the product in the selected market, such as stamps and certificates, fairs and events that are close to the desired market and a list of potential buyers from each country. Finally, negotiation and Commercial Intelligence strategies were shown to the client.


Logistic Planning

The logistical phase was dedicated to studying the ideal Incoterm (International Trade Term) for trade, the modes of transport and possible routes for sending cargo to the final destination. In addition, it was carried out a study of insurance and freight estimates applied to all sections that are part of the trade, as well as the requirements of the customs clearance process.


Bureaucratic Planning

The bureaucratic analysis dealt with the legal documents and procedures required by consenting bodies involved in the export of Brazilian goods. The aforementioned analysis prepared by the team unraveled all the steps that should be followed for the success of the internationalization process, such as registration in SISCOMEX platform, institutions that directly or indirectly interfere with exports, mandatory documentation and how to issue them and bureaucratic contacts that assist the exporter in the whole process.


Financial Planning

This stage involved the mapping of all costs of the export process in order to include all investments from the previous stages, such as freight and insurance, the obtantion of all mandatory documentation, tax and tariff incidence of all destinations on the goods and requirements from regulatory compliance in other countries. In addition, the payment terms of the commercial transaction and the financing options were listed, in order to mitigate the financial impact arising from the development of the export. Domani developed a Cost Calculator that could compile all expenses and estimate the possible financial return.



The last part of the project was aimed at compiling the complete final report and delivering an E-book capable of concisely indicating information about the implementation of the export process.


During the execution of the Mnimosýni II project, the owner of il Caffé Ricordi had the opportunity to make an international trip through the Young Exporter Program of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Federal District (AJE) to one of the destinations to which his merchandise would be exported.

This achievement was possible after the company used much of the knowledge acquired with the Domani consulting project to overcome the stages of the AJE Program.




Guilherme Neiva



Gabriel Melo

Lauriene Guedes

Mateus Manera

Monaliza Rodrigues

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Work time

260 hours

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